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It would seem that choosing wedding music should be a doddle, shouldn’t it?

Well, us SNSB girls think otherwise……. you would think that listening to your playlists and selecting songs would be one of those stress free quick jobs that needs to be done…….think again brides, this is the most difficult part of all the planning that you may have to do, for your special day.
Endless hours of selecting music with your fiancé thinking you have the perfect daytime and night time music covered and then you take the time to listen to the songs, until you realise, that the lyrics aren’t suitable for a couple getting married as the song may sound lovely and romantic but actually are about break up or death!

Yes, we have all been there, including us and then the “Wedding Music” saga continues and soon enough you find yourself sitting at every opportunity, weekends with friends or whoever is in your company at the time to find those perfect songs that you both like and then your friends are sick of hearing, and then you soon realise it has taken longer to compile this list, than finding the perfect dress, finding your dream venue, arranging flowers, sorting cakes etc… and before long you end up arguing about it more than your bridesmaids are arguing to each other about what would be the best hen do lol.
You got it girls, this was our experience on wedding music and for that matter most of our friends too, and so our advice to you would be to give this section of the wedding planning lots of time so that you are not caught out like we were. It all worked out in the end but advance warning would have been welcomed.
Let us know about your experience on choosing wedding music, we’d love to hear about it.

Lindsay and Michela xx

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