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You’re engaged! Now comes the magical moment of choosing your perfect wedding dress. Here at Something New Something Blue, we understand how special the right dress can make you feel, and we are delighted to see a glowing bride-to-be beaming with excitement as they see themselves in the mirror. Below, we hope to guide you through the selection process and make your big day as perfect as possible.

Spend Time Researching

Although you are probably itching to head straight to the boutique, hold off for a while so that you can do some research. Most of us will have pictured ourselves getting married from a young age, so you may already have an idea of the style you are looking for, however, to really be sure you must first ask yourself some questions. What style of wedding are you planning? A beach wedding and a church wedding could suggest very different dresses for practical reasons. Think about your body shape, and from this you can consider dress shapes, cuts, necklines, sleeve lengths and materials.

Spend some time looking through wedding magazines, blogs and Pinterest boards. After some time, you will start to see a pattern forming with what you are naturally drawn to. Save some of these images so that you can bring them with you to the boutique to help narrow down the options.

Dress For the Occasion

Bring along anything you intend to wear on your big day such as a sentimental piece of jewellery, and some heels that are a similar height to those you want to wear on the day. Always opt for minimal, natural makeup to avoid marking any dresses you try, and to truly see how each colour or material compliments your skin tone.

Trying It On

Shopping for your perfect wedding dress is a wonderful day and something that many people would like to be a part of, but limit those who join you to one or two who you know will give you an opinion you can trust. Most brides-to-be choose to bring their mum, which is a wonderful moment for both mother and daughter. Why not make it a day out? Visit our boutique and go for a spot of lunch to talk about the dresses you have tried on!

The One

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress! You feel priceless, elegant and confident. It’s the one! There really is no feeling like it, and when you know, you can stop looking and relax. Once all fittings and alterations are finalised, store your stunning dress safely away, perhaps give it to your mum to look after so you can avoid the temptation to keep trying it on.

The Something New Something Blue Bridal Boutique provides a calm and comfortable environment for you and your group to browse our range of dresses from various collections, without feeling rushed or pressured. Enjoy the process of finding your perfect wedding dress with us. To contact us, simply fill out our enquiry form or call 01525 838090. We are delighted to welcome budding brides to our boutique!

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